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The Gospel (The Good News)


There is a God that loves you. He created you. He desires a relationship with you. God desires to free you from the bondage of sin. To free you from the mistakes of the past or the habits of the present that cause you to feel shame, defeat, depression, all of that “stuff”. That weight you may feel just living in the world can be taken away. Jesus said that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life… and He calls you to bring your burdens to Him. He replaces your weight, your heavy burdens/yoke, with what He calls a light burden. Doesn’t that sound like freedom? A life free of addiction, perversion, shame, depression, anger, violence and all the other burdens of this world past and present. It is possible through Jesus Christ. HE stepped out of Heaven for you and the whole world. Jesus suffered and gave His life that you and everyone can be set free from sin and alive in Christ. He rose again and conquered death. He went back to Heaven and will return in glory for His church some day. You can live the best life He, your creator, meant for you. He called it being “Born Again”. New Life. Through faith in Him you can become a “New Creation” and your identity instantly becomes son or daughter of the King of Kings.


     It is so exciting to me to know that you are reading this and that you are asking the question “Is there really more to life?”, or “Is there a God?”, or “Why should I believe?”. So many searching questions have lead you to this moment. A moment of decision between continuing on the path you are on or living the abundant life God has always intended for you. He knows your name and He is waiting for you to enter into New Life you are meant to live.


     So, what do you do? There is a pattern that God has for us to follow. The Bible (God’s Word) teaches that we must repent of our sins. That means turn away from every action and word that separates you from God and the life He has for you. That seems hard, but as a New Creation, Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us and be with us to help us. With His help you can do it. Repent. Then you must confess with your mouth that you believe Jesus is the Son of God & That He died for the forgiveness of the whole world and for you personally & that you accept Him now as your Savior and your Lord.


If someone were to lead you in this confession it may sound like this.

Pray this prayer aloud believing each word.



“Lord Jesus, I have lived separated from you but now I want to be forgiven and free

from a life of sin. I repent and give up every sinful act and every sinful word. I believe that You, Jesus gave yourself up to be beaten, crucified and die for my sins. I believe You rose from the grave and one day you will come back. Jesus you are alive. I surrender the rest of my life to You. I am a New Creation. The old self is dead. I believe by Your Spirit I will never resurrect that old self. My identity is now and always found in You Lord Jesus. I am Born Again!”


Welcome to the Kingdom of God and New Life.

So what is next? CLICK HERE for the next steps.


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